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Fabien Dufils is an award winning director based in New York and Europe.


" Implanted is an efficient thriller, which is plausibly, and scarily, set in 2023."
" Fabien Dufils has a sure grasp of the fundamentals of his craft, and that alone puts him and his movie ahead of the bulk of the streaming underworld."

- Elisabeth Vincentelli  -


Fabien Dufils is a versatile director who has proven his ability to successfully navigate between the worlds of commercials and high-profile drama. With his great performances and cinematic eye, he has established himself as a sought-after director in both arenas.

In the commercial world, Dufils has worked with top brands such as Footlocker, Redcross, NYPD, Hyundai, Genesis, and Tapout, and has directed big-name athletes and celebrities globally.

As a movie director, Dufils has directed three feature films to date: One Buck (2017), No Dance No Life (2020), and Implanted (2022). These movies have been sold worldwide on popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, and have earned more than 50 awards at various festivals.

Dufils has also made a name for himself as a music video director, having directed over 200 videos for artists such as David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Calogero, Yannick Noah, Jenifer, Marc Cerrone, Demon, Michael Miro, Ninho, Vegedream, Damso, David Scribbles, Jermaine Jackson, Merwan Rim, Tina Arena, Lee Grooves, La Funky Family, Big Ali, Wati B, Sarah Riani, Joachim Garraud, Sexion d’Assault, Francesca, Marilou Bourdon, Eva, Pit Baccardi, and Gen Renard, among others.





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